Charlotte, NC – December 6, 2017:  In the area of Human Resources within a business or organization, there are specific tasks that are part of the normal “standard operating procedures” (or SOP). This includes the order of the tasks to be handled. For instance, a company has a specific purpose or goal, like a service or product to be made. Once that is determined, the business develops a plan on what materials are needed to produce the item, including what amounts of materials, using what process and over how much time. Then employees with specific skills will be needed to work on the different steps of the process.

This is where Human Resources begins to play its role. HR must draft each job description in order to select the appropriate employees to do each job. HIRING is a key factor in the success of a business. If an employee is not trained to do the job correctly, a lot of time and money has been wasted, and this is just the beginning to the full cycle covered by Human Resources.

A company needs an efficient hiring process in order to select the best employees for each job and to prepare each new employee in order to do his/her best. Each employee is also quizzed on their experiences, competencies and skills in order to maximize each employee’s capabilities.

There are always other needs in a company, especially if they are progressive and are willing to grow. As new positions open, Human Resources is busy recruiting and screening people for other opportunities. Some Human Resources employees are working on “on-board training”, while others focus on Employee Relations to keep all employees engaged and doing their best.

As organizations grow, there become needs for supervisors and managers, who need to be trained on how to bring the best out of an employee. Still, other employees are selected and trained how to become “Leaders” in the business. Leaders learn how important it is to train different employees on their specific areas, i.e. sales, customer service, etc. Human Resources oversees and confirms these steps are taken as well.

This is just the basic aspects of Human Resources. Still, needless to say, a company should be sure to give their Human Resources professionals lots of support. All these efforts directly affect the Bottom Line. Just remember how a business depends a LOT on Human Resources for their basic foundation, as well as keeping the business efficient and moving forward.



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