Apex, NC – June 13, 2018:  In Late May, Elaine Boyle, VP Commercial Real Estate, Century 21 Triangle Group got some hands-on experience by demonstrating how to replace a section of broken sidewalk courtesy of Apex’s Public Works and Transportation Director, Jose Martinez’s Big Sidewalk Sucker.

Elaine had the opportunity to show how the town’s “Big Sidewalk Sucker” makes easy work of moving and placing a preformed sidewalk section while replacing a broken hazardous section with ease. Elaine went on to explain, Apex is focused on the most efficient and cost-effective services for their citizens and business owners. The Big Sidewalk Sucker is an investment that saves time and money by quickly removing and replacing broken and hazardous sidewalks; an excellent way to save our tax dollars.”

A twenty-year resident of Apex, and as Century 21 Triangle Group’s VP of Commercial Real Estate, Elaine is a strong advocate for and of Apex. In her dual capacity, she wanted to know more about how the town’s various departments work and the impact on the town’s residents and businesses. Accordingly, she applied to take part in the town’s Apex Peak Academy.

The Academy is the dream work of Town Clerk, Donna Hosch and Town Manager, Drew Havens.  Donna was interested in developing this type of citizen academy shortly after her arrival in Apex in 2012.  “When Drew came on board with the same dream, the program was a sure bet!”  Donna continued, “Apex employees are infectious.  It is rare and unique how everyone shows a level of dedication and cooperation and comradery of making this the best place to live and work. I knew very quickly that this needed to be demonstrated in a broader sense to Apex citizens.”

The town’s website explains, in greater detail,  “The Apex Peak Academy strives to foster transparency, trust, information-sharing and collaboration between citizens and representatives of the Town of Apex by:
– Educating citizens on Town operations and Council processes
– Explaining development and the planning process
– Discussing the Town budget and the ways Town staff utilizes tax dollars…”


For additional information on The Apex Peak Academy go to: https://www.apexnc.org/1230/Apex-Peak-Academy
For additional information on Century 21, Triangle Group Commercial Sales go to:  https://commercial.century21.com/real-estate-office/profile/century-21-triangle-group-10018649



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