Raleigh, NC – October 9, 2018:  There’s a lot of good groups helping the people who were personally affected by Hurricane Florence. Now, I want to focus on how we as customers and colleagues can help small businesses. This is just an opening conversation with the request that you share anything you know of that can be added the list of ideas. I will be updating this article as I find more.

Here are just a few thoughts of how we can help those wonderful locally owned and operated business affected by Hurricane Florence

    • Check up on them. Look the business up on social media or their website and just reach out to check on them and ask how you can help them.
    • Shop now for the holidays. For retailers that may not be re-opened yet, order their products or services online in preparation for the holidays. This will put you ahead of schedule and will give them a little boost to get through the rough patch.
    • Give them space. Solo and micro-business frequently work from their homes. That might not be possible now and if you have some open office space or a conference room available consider offering it as a temporary solution.
    • Buy them lunch. The break from dealing with business as usual and life as completely unusual will be beneficial. These people need to be acknowledged and supported, plus a hot meal and a laugh or two will certainly buoy them along.
    • Send a text or email just to let them know you are available with specific assistance. You might be able to do laundry, run an errand, put up drywall, research the new computer (to replace the one that drowned), provide needed equipment or supplies, or just offer an ear so they can vent.
    • Keep them top of mind. Even if their business has been displaced, they are still interested in doing business. If you have a need or a referral for them, send it along and ask if they are up to it.
    • Network for them. Be sure to let others know the status of their business. Your Florence affected colleagues may not make it to the Chamber Meeting or your networking group. Provide a status report for them and look for ways the network can support their business as they recover from the hurricane.

And if you want to announce your support of Small Business consider this great t-shirt. I am donating 100% profits of the sale of this shirt to a group working to help small businesses impacted by Hurricane Florence (or possibly one specific business) through the end of the year. (This t-shirt was designed for me by a small local business – Spotted Dots, Debra Hoover )

We’re all in this together. Let me know your ideas and resources and remember: #ShopLocal #BuyLocal #ReviewLocal #InvestLocal The photo at the top the locally owned and operated business Cracked it! working to get back on their feet after Hurricane Florence. Their website is https://crackeditnc.com/ and follow them on social at: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/crackeditnc/, Instagram https://www.instagram.com/crackeditnc/ and Twitter: https://twitter.com/crackeditnc

Article by Martin Brossman – Research and editing by Jane Maulucci

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