Charlotte, NC – April 17, 2018: Forever Human Resources has been responsible for hiring and firing employees, among other tasks. Although in more recent times Managers, Supervisors, etc. have helped in this area. However, as we have learned more about the intricacies of the hiring process, it has been discovered that there are multiple factors that cause errors in selecting appropriate and better fitting employees. Furthermore, most of these factors cost the companies substantial funds, which can jeopardize a company’s stability.

Though Human Resources professionals are usually the better persons for the job of recruiting and screening job candidates, they could also benefit from “focused training of the many aspects of an effective hiring process”. Personalities can also play a part in this effort.

Hiring doesn’t need to be, nor should it be “a psychological game”. In order to identify well-grounded employees, it is best to be “straight-forward” without any hidden agenda or games. Our firm, Compass Career Management Solutions, has provided “Effective Hiring Workshops” in the past to get all concerned on the “same page”. This venue can be helpful in making sure those important and pertinent areas are clearly understood, and then to help those responsible for hiring to have a simple and practical series of topics to discuss, as well as offer some useful tips that provides an insight into what points are more important. You want to have a clear order to your hiring process.

There are definitely some costly factors that can come with a business’ Bad Hire:

Poorly written Recruitment Advertising costing more fees and staff time.
The need for Relocation and Training fees for replacement hires.
The negative impact on your team’s performance or handling.
The cost due to disruption of incomplete projects.
The cost of Lost Customers due to bad hire.
The cost of Outplacement services if releasing employee.
A Bad Hire can weaken an employer’s brand.
Litigation fees caused by Bad Hire.

This is a credible area requiring qualified training for your Human Resources Professionals. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

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